The days during the week flies by faster than ever. And in the middle of this you somehow have to cook something to eat when you get home from work. Well, Rydbergs actually got a great solution, Rydbergs ’Laga klart’. Just fry some meat, chicken or sausages, add a bag of ’Laga klart’ and you’re done! As simple as that. Takes you maximum 15 minutes. And it makes your family happy.

All the scenes in this commecial was shot during one day in Stockholm except the stop-motion shoe-scene. That was shot in Sao Paolo. Well, we didn’t go there but we found some great girls specializing in stop-motion that helped us out. They shot the whole scene by themselves and sent if over to us and it worked out great! The TVC was directed by Marcus Lundin at Standart. Agency: Volt. And the music was composed by David Engelau.